How do I register for the different courses, level tests or exams run by the Language Centre?

Once we have the access credentials, we click on the link that will take us to the page containing the web courses (; once here - and on the top right-hand side - we select "Log in" and enter our user name (e-mail) and password.

Payment methods:

Once we have located the activity we are interested in, we click on "Register", and we select one of the two payment methods, either bank card or payment card generation. Both options appear at the end of the registration process, and once you have chosen one of them, you will be directed to another screen

  1. First option: Bank card, in which you will be asked for the card number and the complementary documentation that appears on the card. The payment and validation of the enrolment will be automatic.
  2. Second option: Letter of payment. In this case, a document will be generated with all the enrolment information: course, timetable, credits and price. You will have to download and print this file and then go to your bank to make the payment. The proof of payment that the bank is obliged to provide you with must be attached to the Language Centre's email, or through the two channels available at the CAU or send a request - Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha ( to Servicios de Gestión Académica- Internacionalización-Cursos de Lenguas/Idiomas.

Once you have completed this last step, you are finished, but the following precautions must be taken into account:

  • You must not enter any other required data or it will give an error. Simply select the desired option under "Category" from those indicated below and then click on "Search", marking the desired course or test with the red arrow on the right.

As a sample, several examples are listed below:

  • Category: Learn Languages if you are registering for a course.
  • Category: Languages level tests, if you are registering for the official level test of the University of Castilla-La Mancha from level B1.
  • Category: Language examinations, in the case of enrolment in an external examination for which the UCLM Language Centre is a partner center.
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