Clarifications on Chinese and Chinese language and culture courses offered at the Confucius Institute

Do I need to have any previous knowledge?
It is not necessary to have any previous knowledge. At the Confucius Institute of the UCLM, we offer courses at all levels, so that you can choose the one that best suits your needs and interests.
It's never too late to learn a language!
Are the online classes recorded so that I can watch them if I am unable to attend for any reason?
Yes, the teachers always save the online classes in the group that is created on the first day, which allows you to watch the session if you need to or if you have not been able to attend for any reason.
Can I attend a trial class? How do I know what my level is?
The Confucius Institute always encourages new students to attend a first class to see which group and level best suits their background.
Are diplomas or official certificates awarded?
Upon successful completion of the courses, the Confucius Institute issues a certificate attesting to the level achieved.
In order to obtain the official Chinese language qualification, it is necessary to register for the official HSK exams, for which the Confucius Institute is an official examination centre. You can find all the information at the following link:
Are the classes taught entirely in Chinese?
No. From the beginning, we will try to teach most of the lessons in Chinese so that the students will be able to study in Chinese.
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