How to enrol in Chinese language and culture courses?

After obtaining the credentials you will use at UCLM, you can start the enrolment process.
This process consists of several phases: firstly, we enter the link that takes us to the web page of courses (
Once we have accessed, we look for the course we are interested in, and when we have selected it, we click on enrol, and we choose between two forms of payment: payment card or credit card payment.
If there has been no error, the system will accept it and the enrolment will be completed.
Forms of payment
Currently, there are two forms of payment available to users:
  1. Bank card.
  2. Letter of payment.
Both options appear at the end of the enrolment process.
Once you select one of them, you will be directed to another screen where, depending on your choice of payment method, you will be asked for the following information:
  1. Bank card: you will have to provide your card number and the complementary documentation requested by the system. Payment will be made instantly.
  2. Payment letter: if you have chosen this method of payment, when you click on it, a document will be generated with all the enrolment information: course, timetable, credits and price. If you are satisfied, you will have to download the file, print it, go to the bank to make the payment and finally attach the proof of payment, sending it to the Confucius Institute email:
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